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We take a product or bundle's individual items, combine them, and create a kit, or bundle, that makes up an entirely different SKU.

Working with Your Logistics, you eliminate errors by using experienced hands. Your products will be handled by a team comfortable with kitting that has procedures in place to avoid lost or misplaced items at scale.

By using a fulfillment service for your kitting, you streamline and simplify a complex shipping workflow. Every end-customers gets a neatly arranged bundle of products, exactly as expected.



We have watched several clients and partners increase their sales and grow their businesses by combining multiple products into kits or bundles. Typically, these collections of products come with a small discount, maybe 10 or 15% off the combined cost when ordered individually.

This allows you to:

Increase average order value (AOV)
Create special packages for different seasons, physical attributes of the customer, etc
Sell and ship more products in fewer packages
Create subscription kits for returning customers
Increase returning customer rate because often products work better together
and more